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Curtin University
Strategic Procurement

Resources for Suppliers

Curtin University is committed to participating in the University Procurement Hub (UPH), an initiative involving 17 Australian Universities which will provide Curtin with savings through aggregated buying.

For further information on the UPH and to register your interest please refer to the Australian University Senior Finance Officer Group (AUSFOG) website.

Curtin Business Supplier Relationship Guidelines

Selling Goods to Curtin -

Curtin does not operate directly with suppliers where no previously established commercial relationship exists. 

All suppliers, please note the following -

  • Delivery must always be made to a Curtin building on a Curtin campus, exceptions should be approved by Strategic Procurement.
  • The signature and staff id of the Curtin employee accepting the delivery must always be recorded.
  • Access permission to all Curtin campuses needs to be obtained before entry can be granted with site policies and procedures followed at all times.
Providing Services to Curtin -

Suppliers providing services to Curtin must comply with Curtin's Code of Practice and complete the necessary Corporate Inductions relating to Health, Safety and Emergency Management to provide you with a safe and compliant working environment.

The Strategic Procurement team is the first point of contact for potential suppliers of goods and services.  Strategic Procurement regularly conduct analysis where future contractual opportunities may exist.  If you wish to be considered for future tenders, quoting or providing services to Curtin, please register your interest with Strategic Procurement.

Curtin has standard Terms and Conditions which need to be followed and are available on request.

Fraudulent Purchase Orders -

The use of identify theft to defraud is a growing problem for both individuals and organisations.  Curtin has become aware of a number of instances in recent months whereby fake purchase orders, whether by email, phone or other means, purporting to be from Curtin University, have been made to companies.

We recommend that all suppliers place increased emphasis on checking the validity of purchase orders, whether from Curtin University or other customers.  If there is any reason for you to question an order from Curtin University please feel free to contact us by phone on 08 9266 3815 or email